Comprehensive Wellness Counseling

Wellness is the increased ability to function and so applies to everything that functions. As a comprehensive wellness counselor, I support people and organizations in increasing their ability to function in every way. Let's find out just how well you can be!

Erez Ascher

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This article is the fourteenth in a series addressing what is actually happening in our world and focuses on Revelation, the revealing of what was previously hidden. Available here and on 

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This article is the thirteenth in a series addressing what is actually happening in our world and focuses on Resacralization, the making of things holy once more. Available here and on 


Feel. Love. Now...

Creating Stability and Wellness in the Whirlwinds of Change

This book offers you an 18-week training program to create stability and wellness in your life, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The Soterian Guide

to Healing Our World by Creating Wellness, Happiness, and Prosperity for All

This free guide provides a new way to think about healing our world, first and foremost by healing ourselves both as individuals and as a species.

Actual Understanding

Actual Understanding provides a concise and accessible explanation of the nature of reality while also explaining how to actualize that understanding to create wellness personally, globally, and at every scale in between.

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